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Programming at the DeCristofaro Learning Center

The Design Team is hard at work updating the programmatic elements and preparing the documentation for the Department of Education. Thank you to the parents, administrators and staff who have been completing this important work. Currently the team is researching the most up-to-date curriculum resources and materials that will be used at the DeCristofaro Learning Center. Below are some samples of the programs Team members have been researching.

Unique Learning System
Unique Learning System is the #1 U.S. special education curriculum! Standards-aligned, individualized instruction for measurable student growth and independence.

Creators of i-Ready | Curriculum Associates
i-Ready makes classrooms better places for teachers and students. Learn more about our world-class assessment and instruction programs and our customer-acclaimed service.

ACE ABA Software System
What is the ACE? ACE® ABA Software System has everything you need to effectively run an ABA classroom or program. We bring evidence-based teaching technology to you, providing the tools your behavior analyst, teachers, and direct care staff need to improve efficiency and maximize learner progress.

TouchMath succeeds where others fall short. From students with dyscalculia to those with situational learning loss, TouchMath is designed to support every learner and is proven effective in every setting. Learn More About Dyscalculia See how TouchMath measures up against other methods of teaching math.

Elementary Social Studies Curriculum | Impact | McGraw Hill
Discover a fresh approach to the elementary social studies curriculum and help students become critical thinkers and active citizens with IMPACT Social Studies.